intercessory prayer for israel

Shalom, Ladies! On behalf of Messianic Ministry to Israel, an evangelistic mission organization to the Jewish people in Israel since 1944, I ask you to join me in prayer to intercede on behalf of Yeshua’s Jerusalem and His people and His land Israel, and to pray for all of the people of the Middle East. I believe that intercession is needed as we read the headlines and see biblical prophecy unfold. We will be praying foremost for the salvation of everyone and then for peace in the land of Israel. We are praying for Yeshua’s intervention and His protection as rockets are launched to destroy the nation. Foremost, we will be praying for the power of the Gospel in the lives of Israelis.
Our Lord calls us to pray and to speak His Word of Shalom or "peace" (Romans 1:16). Would you please join me as we learn how we can pray for Israel and unite together on behalf of our precious Lord’s homeland? We will be meeting during the summer on the first Tuesday of every month, beginning June 1, then July 6, and August 3, 2021 (the day and location will change in September). We will gather in the loft of the BX at Brainerd Baptist Church, 4011 Austin St. Chattanooga, TN 37411, between 10-12:00AM.
On behalf of Yeshua’s great mercy and grace! Diana Mitchell


-The biblical holy city of Yerushalayim. For the messianic Shalom promised in Psalm 122:6. The context is Messiah's reign on the throne of David. God is not going to allow peace in the Middle East especially in His holy city until Israel recognizes His Son, Yeshua. May all that is happening today procure the fulfillment of that prophetic truth;

-The biblical holy land of Yisrael. For the estate that is the inheritance of Yeshua according to Zechariah 2:12. He is returning to the holy land of Yisrael and modern Yisrael is not ready. Oh pray for the Jewish people to make ready for there Messiah's entry as King;

-The biblical people of Yisrael. For Israelis to come to know their Messiah, Yeshua in accordance to Romans 1:16 and Romans 11. God has not abandoned His people. God forbid! There is a remnant;

-The messianic believers in the holy land, Yisrael to be strengthened as Messiah dwells within them by faith and that they would know the love of Messiah according to Ephesians 3:16-19;

-The messianic believers in the holy land, Yisrael to be filled with God's wisdom, understanding, heroic valor, and His will; that they may live a life worthy of their calling amidst a hostile environment to the Gospel according to Colossians 2:6,7;

-The messianic believers in the holy land, Yisrael to be protected, and those near and around them to be drawn to Yeshua by their love of God and His Messiah Yeshua and their courage in the face of danger and sinister attacks;

-The old and the elderly have always been a concern of our God; pray they may be comforted, the old and young alike according to Isaiah 40:1;

-The nations of the world to know the only way of peace, the only truth, and the only happy, productive and everlasting life, is Yeshua;

-That our God will use the confusion, hate, and war happening in the Middle East for His purpose in accordance to Psalm 91 and Zechariah 12;

-That the nations of the world might be enlightened before it is everlastingly too late, to the dept of God's wrath against those who do not obey the Gospel and follow His Son, the only savior of mankind in accordance to Isaiah 60:12. Those not obeying God's decree concerning His Son abide [still] in their sins and under God's wrath.

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PRAYER FOR ISRAEL Diana Mitchell, MMI Board of Directors

Lord, we come to you, and thank you for stirring the hearts of your people to pray, even before this happened, you placed the need to pray upon your children. We humbly come before you, and ask for your sovereign hand of mercy and grace to fall upon your people. We trust and know that your presence goes before and fights on behalf of those who trust in you. We ask you to work mightily on their behalf. We ask you to place your angels around the missionaries and their families. We know that You will equip them and surround their hearts and minds with the Holy Spirit’s peace. We ask that you will lead them into your stillness, quiet their hearts with the knowledge of your power. Help them to be still and know that you are God in the midst of this chaos and storm. Tho the waves are over their head, we know they are beneath your nail scarred feet. You are a very present help in time of trouble. Your arm is never too short. Your righteous right hand is beneath the apple of your eye, and you have placed each MMI missionary for such a time as this. We know that You are the God who sees. This did not catch you by surprise. You are all powerful and we ask that through this your gospel will go forth, and many will see Your hand at work. We ask that You will be high and lifted up. We humbly ask you to strengthen and bind our hearts in You. We trust you in the storms. Your Diety is ever present. You never sleep or slumber. You hear the cries of your children, and we praise you for being present right now, and for our inheritance in Your kingdom. Lord, we set our eyes and hearts on Your promise. Calm the waves within and let us rest our minds and hearts upon your bosom. We know your yoke is easy and your burden is light. We hide ourselves in you, in the name of Yeshua! Thank you for fighting for us with the sword of your Spirit. We humbly acknowledge and lay our weakness down, trusting and knowing your strength is sufficient.

We Love you, Yeshua!

In your precious Holy Name we pray!



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