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READ HEBREW Classes meet on Zoom (MMI will forward you our link once you've registered). Students simply click on the Zoom link MMI provides and enter the portal. There is no app or other to purchase. READ HEBREW is FREE throughout the entire course. The only cost is the purchase of the two books (text and primer) for $25.00 although this is optional. READ HEBREW is Free!

READ HEBREW Class syllabus will be provided; each Zoom class covers one Lesson in the Reshit Binah Hebrew Primer which contains 58 lessons. Following completion of the 58 Lesson Primer (approximately one year), the class continues to READ HEBREW reading the Hebrew Holy Scriptures. At present, READ HEBREW meets Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday evenings at 6:00PM and 7:00PM. Class A is reading Malakhi meaning "My Messenger" or "My Angel." Class B is working through the Hebrew Primer.


Going through the Hebrew Crash Course with Dr. Reggie Lisemby has been so educational and informative. You not only get to learn the Hebrew alphabet and learn how to pronounce Hebrew words, but learn the history of the language and some of the history and culture of the Hebrews. If you will study some each day, after only a few months you will absolutely be able to read Hebrew. Then moving on to read and study selected chapters in the Old Testament, you will see there is so much more depth than our English translations. Be prepared to be amazed. Sababa! ("Awesome!"). Barry Ratchford

A couple of years ago my wife Sandi and I went to Israel; we felt at home in the land of Israel with the Hebrew people who are the “apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8). This was one of the best times we've ever had. After we returned home we wanted to go back to Israel as soon as possible. God led us to CMI and Reggie Lisemby who offered a Read Hebrew Class. He said that at the end of the class we would be able to read and understand Hebrew. The way Reggie taught the class with the material was easy and fun, and now I am getting closer to making conversation in Hebrew. Knowing how to read Hebrew and make conversation made it easier for me to return to Israel with CMI on a mission trip ministering to the Jews. This second trip to Israel meant even more to my wife and I since we were able to understand our Jewish brethren whom God wants to know His Son, Yeshua. Knowing the Hebrew language (God's Word) is power. Thank you Reggie Lisemby for your willingness to teach us Hebrew. Steve and Sandi Brown

I started the Speaking in the Tongue of Hebrew class with the high recommendation and invitation from a friend. She introduced this learning experience as more than an academic teaching of Biblical Hebrew or learning conversational Hebrew. Indeed, this class, while academic, is much, much more. I enjoyed learning the Hebrew Alphabet, vowel points and how to read and speak in Hebrew. The exciting part was opening God’s word and reading the Scriptures in the original language. Class with Dr. Reggie is a beautiful and rich experience. I left each lesson amazed at what God is wording in each scripture verse, alerted to His mysteries revealed, and peaceful from the closeness I received from God through His words. It was a life changing experience and has brought me much joy in reading and studying scripture passages. My highest compliment is, I continue to do the same as my friend for me and introduce others to this wonderful class. Thank you Dr. Reggie! Kay Tippitt

I was divinely drawn to begin learning Hebrew, a language in which my loving Creator revealed His Word to us. I am grateful this class was available welcoming all ages and academic backgrounds. It has been intriguing to find out the expansive meaning of each Hebrew letter and learn important Hebrew terms. Dr. Lisemby presents fascinating Biblical teaching as it relates to the lessons and includes good information for cultural education. He answers questions and encourages every pupil to persevere in their studies. I am a continuing student of the Read Hebrew Class since September, 2017 because there is always something new to discover. I have also made special friends who keep me accountable for learning. The Hebrew class helped prepare me for a Mission/Tour journey to Israel in 2018 and I was able to communicate courtesies, read signs and even sing worship songs in Israel. Most importantly, studying the Hebrew scriptures in this foundational way has brought me closer to knowing the heart of my Maker and Lord. This class has been a good experience to grow in my faith and a pleasure to attend. Marisa Kierstead

The Read Hebrew class has opened up a whole new world for my mother and me. What we have learned over the last few months has made our Bible studies more meaningful. We hope to utilize what we have learned on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Learning the language that was spoken by Yeshua and following in His footsteps, in God’s backyard, will be the ultimate experience! Thank you, Reggie, for your devotion and patience to pass along your knowledge to us. Amanda Rodriguez Vannoy and Barbara Rodriguez

I have been learning Hebrew from Director Reginald Lisemby with Messianic Ministry to Israel for three years now and when I first started the class I had no idea how much I would learn about Jesus my Savior through Hebrew. Learning God’s divine language Hebrew in the Word of God has been a life changing event for me. You will learn how to read Hebrew by the end of the class and God will Bless you with a Love for Hebrew that will last for the rest of your life. It’s a fun class so don’t miss out on a Blessing that will last for Eternity. Steve Brown

I would whole heartedly recommend that anyone who desires to know more about Biblical Hebrew should take this course, offered by my good friend, Reginald Lisemby, who is very knowledgeable about the Bible, and lots of background information regarding Biblical Hebrew. I have experienced many wonderful things since I began several years ago, which effected other people's lives. One involved a marriage. Last week , I finally completed the book. And I'm past 80, but God has blessed me greatly, in many ways. If you will commit to just try, do the homework, stay the course , and do it. Harold Evans

Hebrew has literally changed my life for the good. I came to the church where the class was being held and the graces of God opened my ear to someone speaking about a new class being offered on Wednesday nights, a Hebrew class. Reading Hebrew was a childhood dream of mine since I was 7 years old. So at 15, I went to the class the first night, and immediately knew that no matter what, I would commit to this. I met the teacher, Reggie Lisemby that night, found out the cost of the course, and it became the best twenty-five dollars I’ve ever spent. Hebrew reminded me of several things. First, how much God loves me and the reason I fell in love with Him. The Hebrew took me back to when I was 7-9 years old learning about my hero in the faith, Moses who, like me, had a speech problem. Hebrew reminded me that the Yahweh of the Old Testament is the Yeshua of the New Testament, and that His love never changes. Hebrew has been my love language; it has been how God has related to me. At times when I was angry and didn’t want to hear Him or even when I did, Hebrew was the way in which God spoke and opened His word to me. I feel his voice every time I read His words in the original. It’s quite an experience. It’s so much deeper than any other language I have come to learn, so God-felt. To sum up, at 15 years of age I forsook the traditional youth ministry and took the Hebrew class that would radically change my life. These last six years of my life have been so richly blessed that I feel God has spoken directly to me! I welcome all those who decide to embark on the journey to learning Biblical Hebrew. It’s a language that’s hard to forget. It starts out tough, but eventually much like salvation you have an epiphany moment and it all comes together. Study hard at it, and always keep your heart open to learning something new! Toda Raba. Rosalyn Small

Reggie is the best Hebrew teacher I've ever had. With him I've finally understood how the niqquds work and how to properly read. Our classes are fun and easy. Very explanatory. I love being able to be part of the class. Thank you so much! Sarah Muller (Brazil)

I have had two wonderful Hebrew experiences. One was traveling to Israel and later leading six trips to Israel. The second experience has been studying the Hebrew Crash Course with Dr. Reginald (Reggie) Lisemby, learning the Hebrew alphabet, how to pronounce the Hebrew words, and reading in class selected passages from the Old Testament then studying what those passages revealed. What a wonderful Godly experience to hear God talk to me in His language, the Hebrew language. Paul L. Henze

My 12-year-old daughter and I LOVE this class! We are a homeschooling family, so we decided to give the Hebrew Crash Course a try as a foreign language elective. It has been a GREAT choice! We have both learned to read Hebrew phonetically, and our vocabulary is growing each week. Once you know the characters, Hebrew is quite a simple language. There is no odd spelling of words like we have in English. I am so pleased that my daughter is learning the bible in its original language. The Word of YHVH (we have learned that this is God’s real name in Hebrew) is much fuller...much richer...much deeper than we can understand through English translations. It’s not that the bible is different to us now, it is that it is MORE. Dr. Lisemby has supported us throughout the course and has made himself available to answer questions many times between classes. He is now leading our cohort through the book of Zechariah in Hebrew. Wow! It is like reading it for the first time. If you are seeking MORE from your bible study, if you want your children or grandchildren to understand God’s Word in its original language, if The Holy Spirit is leading you to learn this beautiful language, give the Hebrew course a try. Do not be intimidated. Put it before the Lord in prayer, commit a few minutes to study several times a week, and you will be reading in no time.Such a small investment for such a rich reward! Debbie Ingle

The Hebrew class Dr. Lisemby conducts is greatly appreciated for all the Bible I have gleaned from the basic interpretations of the original Hebrew. Dr. Lisemby is patient and caring and allows me to make mistakes; I try not to miss a Wednesday class because I might miss something. I confess I cannot yet sight-read Hebrew, but the Bible knowledge I have gained is awesome. Thank you, Reggie! You are a blessing! Ruth Ann Ray

I took my first Read Hebrew class before going on my first mission/tour with MMI. The class is a joy. You will learn not only the Hebrew alphabet with pronunciation and words and phrases. You will learn the beauty of the language through the lens of God's Word. Nancy Sherrill

To say that learning Hebrew changed my life would be a great understatement. Hebrew has been, for me, more than just memorizing the interesting sounds of ancient pictograph characters. Learning Hebrew is like a blind man being able to see for the first time. Suddenly, I went from reading the Bible to having the Holy Scriptures drawn for me by those ‘funny’ little pictograph characters. Sadly, English translations can often blind us from viewing the Scriptures through the author’s lens. Knowing the original language, we are able to see the author’s perspective. I have seen blatant imagery of Yeshua walking through the Hebrew script. I will never, ever read the Bible the same way again. For me, learning Hebrew has made me fall madly in love with the Word of God. If you have talked to me for more than five minutes, chances are you have heard about what an impact learning Hebrew has made on my ability to study scripture and ultimately my walk with Yeshua. I am happy to say that our study group is taking a hiatus and Dr. Lisemby will be taking a new group of students through the beginners course. If you have always had the desire to study the language of the Old Testament, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Come have an adventure in the Word with us! Sarah Crabtree

Wow! Unlocking the scripture in its original form is so exciting. Praying to my Heavenly Father in Hebrew has been my dream. Jerry Maynard

My first lesson some three years ago had to have been a God- thing. I have always enjoyed being taught by Reggie Lisemby. With his knowledge of the Bible I knew that the class would be interesting. There was a challenge to the Hebrew class, I will admit, but to hear the Word of God in Hebrew is a blessing every time I read, speak, and/or hear it. I can’t explain except to believe that it is something that God has put in my heart. Then, to learn the meaning of the Hebrew words adds such a depth and understanding that enriches my faith. There have been so many “aha” moments in studying the Hebrew. Additionally, to go to Israel [the land of the Hebrew] has been an amazing experience the many times I have gone. Sounds a bit selfish because it is God’s blessing to me. I hope, though, that it will help me be a blessing to others. Joan Sullivan