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Messianic Ministry to Israel is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry that began in 1944 for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Yeshua with the Jewish people, and also with the Gentiles according to Romans 1:16. The mission is performed by families, individuals, and congregations in Israel and the United States supported by MMI monthly. All donations of support to the evangelistic work of MMI are tax exempt. Thank you!

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Adam and Havvah were expelled from the holy land. Every "ite" in history who lived in the holy land (Zechariah 2:12) were expelled after their sin was full. The Israelites were expelled in 722 BC and Judah was expelled in three seiges by Babylon, 697, 509, and 586 BC. Both confederacies returned and the Jews heard the parables of Yeshua, and Israel was cast out of God's backyard in AD 70 and AD 135 as Yeshua predicted. Miracle of miracles, in 1948 the descendants of the twelve tribes returned, but for how long? The LandLord tells! YESHUA'S YISRAEL. Order your copy now from MMI, P.O. Box 22654 Chattanooga, TN 37422 ($20.00 each). Or, use the "Donate" portal button at our website (below). Enjoy! You're welcome!

Is prophecy important? Will Israel have a temple in the last days? Will this world see days like those of Noah? Who were the sons of God who took the daughters of Adam? Is the Lord coming twice, at the Rapture and the Second Coming? Is the great tribulation another Holocaust? Who is the antichrist? Can we know him? Is he satan? Is the mark of the beast a tatoo, a numerical credit, a name? Are the stars foretelling the coming of the Lord? Is eschatological Babylon the Catholic Church? Why is the Golan Heights so important to God, Satan, Israel, and the Middle East? What is the meaning of the times of the Gentiles and the fullness of the Gentiles? Who are the all israel that will be saved? Is modern Israel "chosen" by God? Is modern Israel since 1948 fulfilled prophecy? If there is a last days Temple in Israel, what will happen to the Muslim Dome of the Rock? What is the Rapture; what happens to the people who are raptured? Will the church be raptured before, during, or after the great tribulation? Who are the two witnesses coming to Jerusalem? What precipitates the war of armageddon? What is the purpose of the millennium? Why are there sacrifices during the millennium? Is the New Jerusalem a satellite city or is it geographical and on the earth? What are the main views of eschatology? The book answers these and many more questions concerning the end of days. Mail $20.00 to MMI P.O. Box 22654, Chattanooga, TN 37422, or use the "Donate" button below.

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