CMI Began in 1944

Christian Ministry to Israel exists for the purpose of proclaiming salvation in Yeshua (the Jewish way to say Jesus) to the Jewish people first, and also to the Gentiles, according the NT mandate of missions given in Romans 1:16. Additionally, CMI is committed to teaching the Word of God that believers might be enlightened, encouraged, and equipped.

The Genesis of CMI. In 1944 The Southern Hebrew Mission was literally prayed into existence as Christians in Chattanooga Tennessee met twice weekly at the James Building in the heart of the city to pray for the Jews experiencing and recovering from Hitler's reign of terror murdering more than six million Jews, one-third of the total Jewish population of the world. The Southern Hebrew Mission began as a befriending ministry sharing with Jewish people the Gospel of Yeshua. Later, the ministry came to be called Messianic Ministry to Israel and to be exactly tranparent of who we are the mission tweaked the name to Christian Ministry to Israel, for we are committed Christ followers teaching the Word of God that sinners might be saved, and believers might be enlightened, encouraged, and equipped in the Holy Scriptures.

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