The Ministries of MMI include the following:

  • distribution of Bibles, books, videos, literature (Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, and English), tracts, magnets, etc.;

  • Hear O' Israel radio ministry;

  • plant and pastor congregations of Hebrew-Christian believers;

  • leadership for messianic worship;

  • training leaders for messianic congregations;

  • national youth conferences and Hebrew summer camps;

  • discipleship of new believers;

  • presentation of the Jewish Passover Seder and other Feasts of YHWH;

  • deaf ministry in Jerusalem and Ukraine;

  • teaching Biblical Hebrew and Messianic Prophecy;

  • sharing the gospel to Jews, Arabs, and the Druze in Israel;

  • sports ministry for students;

  • hospitality ministry and counseling;

  • humanitarian provisions.

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